Options can be configured for various features, as available in the Designer section.

A dropdown Settings menu shows up once you right click on any option. Following are the features it offers:-

  • Rich Text:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Formatting Text with Rich Text Editor.

  • Insert piped text:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Piping Responses.

  • Insert Picture: 

This allows users to add a picture next to the option to give more clarity to the user. Click on insert picture will open Manage Survey Assets where users can either upload or create an already added picture to the assets. To learn more about Assets please refer to section Manage Survey Assets.

In the screenshot below, couple of images are already added so after clicking on an image, user can click on create to add that picture.

To remove the picture, right click and tick on the option available ‘remove picture’.

  • Display Logic:

Please CLICK HERE for Hiding a Question Based on Logic.

  • Always hide item:

Tick on this will hide the option and will be faded for the user’s reference that this option is hidden.

  • Show in Group:

Sometimes users may want some options shown in a group, like for example,  you may want to group colours into Light colours, Dark colours and Bright colours. Clicking on the colour (option) you want grouped, will open a “New Group” text box where user can enter the name of the group.

Clicking on Enter will add the group. Now to add other options within this group, right click on the other options and select ‘show in group’. Here you have the option of either adding to the newly created  group or creating a new group.

Click on ‘remove from group’ if you want to remove the option from the group.

  • Add text input:

Clicking on this will open ‘Allow text input’. Tick on the same will insert a text box either ‘Text’ or ‘numeric’ input depending on what property is selected by the user.

When the user selects either of the property,  a text box will automatically appear where user will have to enter his input, in numeric or text depending on what he selected.

  • Default choice: Selecting this will make that item selected by default in the live survey.
  • Keep position: Selecting this will keep this item position fixed whether randomisation is applied or not.
  • Exclusive choice: If user selects an option which is configured as exclusive choice, then all the other options are automatically unselected.
  • Exclude from Analysis: This will exclude the item from the Analysis section.
  • Move up and Down: This simply changes the order of the item by moving up or down.
  • Delete: It will delete the item.
  • Comments:

Comments section can be accessed from the ‘comments’ tab displayed next to the properties. Clicking on the same will open the comments for that particular question.

User can then write a comment and post it.

Other users can respond to the comment or can add other comments. Date and Time are also available for user’s reference. This feature really helps in giving feedback while reviewing the design of the survey.

Tip: User can also edit and delete the comment and is displayed when doing a hover next to the comment.

  • Preview:

There are 2 levels of Previews available in the Designer section. One is a top level preview where user can see and review all the questions that are added in the survey.

Please CLICK HERE to Refer Section Previewing a Survey.

The other preview is the Item or the question preview which just displays only that question. The icon of this preview from where it is accessed is highlighted in red circle.

Clicking on preview will open the question preview.

  • Item Assets:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Reusing Items across Questions.

  • Carry Forward:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Carry forward of responses.

  • Sequencer:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Managing the order in which Items are shown.

  • Adding options normally, through copy and paste:

Please CLICK HERE to know the details about Copy, Paste and Delete.

  • Analysis Label:

Analysis label can be accessed in Analysis Tab of a question. Clicking on the Analysis Tab (circled in red) will open the Analysis page of that question.

Analysis label helps the user to change the option text which is editable if he wants to see some other text while doing the analysis.

Example: If the options are coded in numeric then it helps the user to change their label to text to understand the same at the time of analysis.

  • Factor in Analysis:

Factor is basically a weighting element. Wherever the mean is calculated by applying weights, the code in the factor is used.

By default the factor code and the code generated are the same but if user wants, he can change the factor as it is editable.

Example: There is a 5 rating question. Excellent denotes 5, but, at the time of survey creation, the user inserted ‘excellent’ first. Then the code generated for Excellent will be 1 because of the order and hence at the time of calculating the mean, it will incorrectly sum all the 1’s. To change this, user can change the code in the factor by inserting 5.