Users can hide/mask a particular question based on the response(s) given by a respondent in the previously asked question. This can be achieved by Question Masking functionality available on the Design page of RebusCloud. Question Masking is applicable for all Question types.

Follow the steps below to apply masking logic to your question.

  • In Design page, select the question you wish to mask/hide from the left pane by clicking over it and click on Masking.

  •  A Question masking pop-up will appear wherein you can specify your question masking/hiding logic.
  • Add a row by clicking on "+" sign. A row will get added.

  • Enter your logic in the row. Add groups/rows if required (Refer Section Logic Builder for Designer).

For Example: You wish to mask Q8 (How many pets do you own?) based on the respondents who answered "No" in Q7( Do you own pets?).

The logic will be "Hide question if in Q7 selected item is "No". Refer below image:-

  •  Click on "Set" to apply the logic.


The Masking/hiding logic will get applied and will appear at the bottom of the Question.

You can Delete or Edit the logic by clicking on the respective icons against where the logic is displayed.