You can save your option list to assets, so that you can re-use/import that option list for any other question, which might have similar options.

Users can add options to either the Cloud List or Survey list based on the type of subscription he has created.

Licensed users/Rebuscode subscription can add options to both Cloud asset list and Survey asset list.

Non-licensed users/Company users can only add options to Survey list.

To add option list to assets:-

  • Click on Preset item List > Cloud List /Survey list, based on the location where you wish to add your option list.
  • After clicking on Cloud/Survey list, a drop-down will appear showing the contents of each list.

  • Click on the first option of the drop-down that will be “Add to Assets”.

  • A pop-up will appear asking you to select the folder in which you want to add your option list.


You can create folders and name them in your Cloud/Survey list based on your user permissions by going into Manage Assets present in the Design Survey tab.

“My list” is the default folder present in Cloud/survey list.

Folders are created for the ease of referencing, adding/importing questions or option list in the survey.

Refer Section Manage Survey Assets for more details.

  • Select the folder to which you wish to add your option list and click on “OK”. Your option list will be saved to assets.


Instead of adding questions manually one by one, you can also add/import the saved list of options from assets.

Follow the below steps to add option lists from assets:-

  • Click on Preset item List > Cloud List /Survey list, based on the location from where you wish to import your option list.

A drop-down will appear displaying the names of all your saved lists.

  • Click on the list name you wish to import.

  • Your option list will get imported as below:-