Assets in RebusCloud are a directory for all the saved Questions, Medias, Messages and List. RebusCloud application allows you to save your information that can be used in future while building your survey.

All the saved questions, media, messages and lists can be managed by the Manage Assets option present in the Survey tab of the Design page.

Go to Survey Tab and click on Manage Assets.

A pop-up will appear wherein you can manage your saved questions, media, messages and lists.

Assets are divided into two types based on User Permissions:-

Cloud Assets: These are the global set of assets from RebusCloud and it contains library for questions, option list and messages that can be exported while creating survey at the required places.

 Only those having RebusCloud subscription can make any additions to the Cloud Assets. Those users who do not have a RebusCode subscription can only export questions, option lists and messages from Cloud Assets and cannot make any additions to Cloud Assets.

Cloud Assets are open to all users for exporting questions, option lists and messages but only the users having license for RebusCloud can make changes or additions in Cloud Assets.

Company Assets: These are the personal set of assets owned by a company. If a particular company user creates a subscription, he will be able to both save and import questions, option lists and messages from the Company Assets.

Company assets are unique for each company subscription. All users from the same company will be able to view and change the questions and messages in the company assets for that company.

Option Lists are unique to a particular survey, hence option lists in Company assets will not be shared across all the company users.

The Manage Assets pop-up contains four tabs:-

  • Question: This tab shows questions that can be used globally from Cloud Assets and contains saved questions from Company Assets (shared across all the company users).
  • Media: This tab contains the uploaded or saved media to the survey. Uploaded media are particular to the created survey and cannot be shared across.
  • Messages: This tab contains saved messages from across the survey in Company Assets and default messages such as invitation emails, survey end messages, reminder messages etc. in the Cloud Assets.
  • Lists(Option Lists) : This tab contains Cloud option lists that can be exported while designing a survey and saved Option lists in the Company Assets.

Managing Questions in Assets

Users can manage their saved questions by grouping them in folders and naming the created folders appropriately.

Folders can be created prior to adding questions to assets or at a later stage.

Click on the Add Folder icon to add a folder in the Company Assets in the Question tab. A new folder will be added below the Company assets by the name MyList_0. 

You can change the folder name by double clicking on the folder name.

Once the folder is created, its name will appear while adding question to assets. (Refer section Adding question to assets)

You can delete the created Folder by right clicking on the folder name.

Managing Media

The Media tab in the Manage Assets pop-up contains all the saved media like images, videos and audios from the survey.

The left side contains the list of names of the media and the right side displays the actual image.

You can delete the media by clicking on the Delete icon that appears on the top of each media.

Click on OK to apply the changes.

Note: Once the media is deleted from the assets, it will also be deleted from the other parts of the survey wherever it is being used.

Managing Messages

Users can manage messages in Company assets from the Message tab.

Left side gives you the categories of the types of messages RebusCloud has and on the right you can edit and save the message by clicking on OK.

Users can remove saved messages by right clicking over the message in the left side and clicking on Remove from assets option that appears.

Managing Option Lists

Option Lists are unique to a particular survey, hence option lists in Company assets will not be shared across all the company users.

Click on List tab to view your saved option lists in Company Assets. My list is the default folder and all the option lists are saved under this folder.

You can rename your saved option list from the name field and remove your saved list by clicking on “Remove from assets” option that appears on right clicking on the list name.