Building a full report in 'Analyze' takes only a few clicks - the first one being on 'Analyze' tab.

Collections are where users can design their analysis in terms of cross-tabs and charts based on the collected data that can be later used to create appealing dashboards.

Clicking on 'New Collection' will create your first Collection. Name and 'create' it. 

For details, refer to Creating a Collection.

We will create the below reports with our survey.

Tables and charts can be created via 'Analysis Wizard' or 'Advanced'. To create the first two reports, we will use Analysis Wizard.

First Report - Net Promoter Score or NPS

Step 1 : Click on Analysis Wizard

Step 2 : Select the NPS question (Q2) and click on 'Next Step'

Step 3 : Select the analysis type (NPS) and chart type (Gauge normal). Select 'Finish'.

Step 4 : Double-click on the chart/table name and re-name it.

Step 5 : Chart types can also be changed once the report is built. A table can be made into a chart or vice-versa.

Second Report - Recommendation Distribution

Follow all the above steps, with slight variation in Step 3 as below:

Step 3 : Select 'Recommendation Distribution' as the analysis type and 'Column' as the chart type.

The chart will look like the below. Since the chart has only one series, we will need to have uniform columns. For that, please follow the below additional steps:

Step 6 : Click on 'Grid' view

Step 7 : Click on 'Transpose' in Grid View.

Step 8 : The final table and chart will look like the below. Click on 'Chart' for viewing the chart.

Third Report - Customer Duration- This table will be created with 'Advanced', by the following steps:

Step 1 : Click on 'Advanced'

Step 2 : Right click on the below to add a question. Click on 'Add Question'.

Step 3 : Select the question (Q5) and click on 'Select'.

Step 4 : Once the table is created, click on 'Properties'. We will hide the 'Base' and 'Total' rows in the table.

Step 5 : Select the question, click on 'Base' and 'Total'. This will hide the two rows. Click on 'Set'.

Step 6 : Click on 'Chart View'. The default chart type is column. Click on 'Chart' and select 'Pie'.

Step 7 : Click on 'Legend'. Select 'Right'. This will set the position of legends to right, from the default 'Bottom'.

Step 8 : Rename the report by double clicking on 'New Analysis'. The final chart will look like the below:

All other tables can be created similarly following the above steps. For details, refer to the Analyzing a Survey's data section.