Recommendation Distribution analysis is done to see how your recommendation question was answered by your respondents.

After creating the collections (Click Here to know about how to create a collection) , click on 'Analysis Wizard' (highlighted in red) to create Recommendation Distribution analysis. 

Click will open the Analysis Wizard (Click Here to know more about Analysis Wizard). 

Let's try to show how this analysis works with the help of an example:

Refer to the screenshot of the NPS question considered for this example.

Choose an NPS question in the analysis wizard to run the analysis. Select question in the Analysis wizard and click on Next Step.

Choose The Analysis - Recommendation Analysis as highlighted in blue and click on Next Step.

User can select the chart types from the different chart options available or can click on "No Chart" i.e. analysis view in the tabular format. This example shows clicking on 'No Chart'. Click on Finish.

Clicking will open the "Analyse - Cross Tabulation" screen. It contains 3 tabs (highlighted in red):

  • Home.
  • Weighting.
  • Chart.

  • Home tab contains below features:
  1. Edit Filter: User can apply the filter. Click Here to know more about how to use filters.
  2. Properties: Click Here to know more about what can be done in properties.
  3. Transpose: Click Here to know how Transpose works.
  4. Table: Click here will change the view of the analysis from table to chart.

  • Weighting tab explains about weighting. Click Here to find out the details about how to apply the weights.
  • Chart tab shows all the chart properties available. Click Here to refer this section in details.

 "Analyse - Cross Tabulation" screen by default shows the Recommendation Distribution analysis as col % in the tabular format. 

User can also view the analysis as different facts shown as toggles:

  • Col% : It is selected by default when the analysis is loaded as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Count: Clicking will add an another table showing the counts.
  • Row%: Clicking this will show the row%.
  • Total%: Clicking this will show the total%.

Note: Toggle is highlighted after clicking on it which will then add the table below. User can also switch it off by clicking again which will then remove the highlighter and the table.

To switch or to create the next analysis, click on 'Back' (highlighted in red) and select the other analysis. Click on 'delete' (highlighted in green) to remove this analysis.