RebusCloud allows the users to create their analysis by following a very simple step by step process provided by Analysis Wizard. Different types of Cross-tabs and charts can be created through Analysis Wizard. 

To create an Analysis via Analysis Wizard, in the Analysis page, click on Analysis Wizard

Note: This step should be done after you have created your Collection. Click here for Creating a Collection

A pop-up will appear. The pop-up will have four tabs: Survey, Sample, System and Time.

Survey tab will contain all the questions present in the questionnaire on which data has been collected.

Sample tab contains the sample variables which were defined in your Distribution list while sending out the survey.  

System tab contains system variables such as Unique IDs, back check status and other information about the survey.

Time tab contains all the time fields like survey created dates and modified dates etc.

The main analysis happens on the Survey tab as the data has been collected on the questions asked in the survey.

To create your analysis, select question(s) from the left pane and click on Next. 

Note: Not more than two questions can be selected as the cross tab can contain only one question for the side break and another for top break.

This will take you to the next step of choosing your Analysis type. 

Choose the type of analysis you wish to perform and click on Next. (Refer section Types of analysis supported by Wizard

You will now see different options for representing your analysis in the right most pane below. It can in the form of Charts or a table. If you wish to create a cross-tab click on No Chart option else select from the different chart types available to represent your analysis.

The required cross-tab/chart will get created based on the selected option.