Now that the Distribution List has been finalized, we are all set to distribute the survey.

Campaigns are created to send out the Survey using the created Distribution lists. For this survey, we will create an Email Campaign, using the below steps:

Step 1 : Click on 'Email Configuration'.

Step 2 : A pop-up will appear, to specify the Email address from which you wish to send out Invitation Mails. Edit 'From Username' and 'From Name' fields, click 'OK'. By default, the invites will be sent from system generated auto-mailers.

Step 3 :  Next step is to create the Campaign. Click on 'New Campaign', select 'New Email Campaign'.

Step 4 : Name the Campaign and click 'OK'. The campaign will be created.

Multiple campaigns can be created for the same and/or different Distribution Lists. All Campaigns will appear chronologically, as below:

For more details, refer to Managing Campaigns.