Once the first survey is created, it needs to be distributed for data collection. The Distribute module serves the purpose.

For this survey, we are using a few sample variables. That is to say, we have the Age Group, Gender, Region information of the respondents, apart from their email IDs.

Click on the Distribute icon, second from top, on the left hand navigation pane. The first activity on this page is to 'Activate Survey'.

Clicking on 'List' will take you to the Distribution List page, with default fields of 'Sample ID' and 'Email'.

Adding Sample Variables

Click on the 'plus' icon beside 'Email' field.

Type in the 'Column Name' (and check 'Mandatory Column' box, if this variable is absolutely necessary), select the type and set. Only for 'Option List', the user will have to add the options. For example, for 'Gender' information, the options to be added are 'Male' and 'Female'.

Adding Respondents

Time to add the actual respondents!

Click on 'Add' on the top left, or simply Upload a .csv file. The uploaded file must have the same column headers as you have added in the List.

The final Distribution List will look like the below. To re-use the same Distribution List, please 'Download' and save. New Distribution Lists can be made by clicking on the 'plus' icon beside 'Distribution Name'.

For more details, refer to Distributing a survey.