Distribution List is a list of all the users to whom the survey will be distributed for collecting data. They can be created from theDistribute page either manually   one by one OR by uploading the list.

To create a list,

  • Click on "List" in the Distribution page.

  • A Distribution List pop-up will appear which will show one Distribution list created by default named as "DistributionList1" which will be blank.

Note: You can Edit the name of the list or Delete the list by clicking on the Edit or Delete icon respectively, that appears when you hover over the list's name.

  • You can start working on the default list or create a new list by clicking on Add Distribution list icon. 

  • When you click on "Add Distribution List". A pop-up will appear. Enter the name which you wish to give to your list and Click onAdd .

  • The List gets created and appears on the left panel. 

Adding members to Distribution list Manually

Once the Distribution list has been created, users can start adding members. To add members, 

  • Click on the Distribution List in which you wish the add the users.

  • Click on Add.
  • Blank fields will be added below the default columns Sample ID and Email.
  • You can enter any Sample Id for example "1" or "a" in the sample ID field.
  • Enter the Email of the member below the Email column.

Repeat the above steps and add as many members as you wish.

Note: If you do not enter any Sample id and leave the field blank, a system generated ID will automatically reflect in the field which cannot be edited.

Adding Columns to your Distribution List

Users can also add extra columns in their Distribution list apart from the existing default columns that are Sample ID and Email. This is useful if you want to record more details about the listed users or if you want to configure that information while sending out Email invitations. (Refer Sec.  Distribute Surveys via Email )

To add Columns to your Distribution list:-

  • Click on "Add Column icon (+)" next to the Email column.

  • A pop-up will appear. Enter the Column Name for your new column. 

  • Enter Mapped Variable Name if you are uploading your Distribution list in CSV format. Enter the Column name mentioned in your CSV file that you want to map with the column you are creating.
  • Mention the Column Type.

     There are five types of columns that users can add to their Lists:-

1. Language : If you choose to add the Language column in your Dist. list, it will allow you to select languages for the members so that the survey launched for them will be in that specified language. 

2. Option List : This is generally helpful when the user chooses to upload a distribution list (CSV format). It allows the user to specify before hand the number of options in a column. For Example: If a column name is Gender, than the responses Male and Female become its options.

    • If you wish to create a column which has certain specific options in the data you wish to upload, select the column Type as "Option List".
    • Properties related to "Option list" will appear.
    • Click on "Add Item". Fields will appear to add your item/option for the give column name. 
    • Enter Analysis Label , Factor and Mapped Option Code (if code for the option is given in the List you wish to upload. For Example: Female=1 & Male=2).
    • Repeat the above steps to add multiple options to your option list as given in the file you are about to upload. 
    • Click on OK . A column will be created so that now when you upload your Distribution list, it will automatically show the responses as options.
Note: After mapping your option list, If you select the checkbox " Only allow the options below :", only the data (members for which the specified option is relevant) for the options in the distribution list that you have mapped in the option list properties will get uploaded. For Example: Assume that the CSV file you are uploading has a column named "Gender" and has two options Male and Female. Now if you only map "Male" option in the Option list properties, and click on the check box for " Only allow the options below :", only the members assigned as gender "Male" will get uploaded.
    3. Text : Text type column can be added for fields like member's address etc.   4. Number : Numeric type columns can be added like a person’s age etc.   5. Date/time : Date/time column can be added for mentioning the date and time in any case scenario.
  • After Selecting the Column Type,click on OK.
  • A new column will be created in your List.
  • Repeat the above steps to create as many columns as you want.
Uploading Distribution ListTo upload a CSV file, follow the steps below:-
  • In the Distribution List pop-up, create the columns you wish to have in your upload file and click on Download. 
  • A CSV template will be downloaded to your system with two default columns Sample ID and Email. It is mandatory to have data in these two columns.
  • You can enter the details of the members in these two columns of the CSV file or you can add extra columns if you wish to Add in your CSV file.
Note: If you create extra columns in your CSV file, make sure that you have those columns in your Distribution List as well with the required column types and properties. Only then the data for those columns will get uploaded.Tip: Its always better to first create the extra columns in your Distribution List first and then Download the CSV Schema. So that the downloaded schema already has the extra columns.
  • Once you have added the required information for all the members and have added the extra columns if any, save the CSV file to your system.

  • Now click on Upload in the top menu.
  • An Upload File pop-up will appear. Click on Choose File to browse and select the saved CSV file in your system.

  • Click on Upload in the Upload File pop-up.
  • The file will get uploaded and the list of members will reflect in the Distribution list pop-up.

Note: If you select the Mandatory Column checkbox while creating a column, your Distribution List will not get uploaded unless you have that column in your CSV file.Deleting Records in Distribution ListYou can delete records from the list by selecting the records form their adjacent check box and clicking on Delete.