When charts are added/imported to a panels(Refer section Importing Charts/Tables from collections) , its properties can be defined. User can access the visible properties above the chart and click on the icon (three dots) against each chart to access the list of chart properties.

The details of chart properties are mentioned below:-

Add Column: Users can add column to their panel in which the chart is added. Clicking on Add column will divide the panel into two equal sized columns and the chart will shift to the first column. The second column will be empty where you can add another chart/table.

Add Row: Users can add row to their panel in which the chart is added. Clicking on Add row will divide the panel into two equal sized rows and the chart will shift to the first row. The second row will be empty where you can add another chart/table.

Full Screen: Users can view a full screen view of their charts in case the charts are big and all the details are not visible in the panel. Simply click on Full screen icon to view expanded view of chart and click on Esc button on your keyboard to exit full screen view.

Edit Chart: In case you wish to Edit your chart, click on Edit icon. This will take you directly to the collections where you have created this chart and you can make required changes in your chart those will be synced to dashboard automatically. 

Add to Bucket: Users can Add their charts to bucket and export them in ppt. by clicking on Add to Bucket icon. Click on Add to bucket icon.

A pop-up will appear showing you that your chart has been added to bucket. Click on Ok.

To view your bucket click on the folder icon in the top pane and click on Download bucket.

A pop-up will appear. Enter the file name in Export as column. Mention download format as Powerpoint and click on Export.

Your chart will get exported with the given file name For more details on export refer Section Export your collection to PowerPoint or Excel.


Comment: Click on Comment icon to add comments to charts. 

A comment pane will appear on the right. Enter comment and click on Post.

The comment will get pasted and will be visible to all the invited users who have access to the Dashboard.

Display Chart Title: Click on this option, two options will be displayed that are ON and OFF. Select ON to display chart title and OFF to hide chart title.

Panel filter: By clicking on this option user can apply specific filters to a selected panel.

Follow the below mentioned steps to add panel filters:-

  • Click on Panel Filter.

  • Click on Add/Edit. A pop up will appear displaying the names of variables that are not included in the tab Filters (Filters applied to overall tab).

  • Select the variables you wish to add as filters to the selected panel and click on Select.
  • The selected variables will get added as filters to the panel.

Chart Filter(s): With the help of this option you can specify the filters you wish to exclude or include on a selected chart, from the filters of the tab.

Click on Chart filter

A pop-up will appear displaying the names of only the filters applied on the whole tab. Select/deselect the filters you wish to include or exclude for the charts and click on Select

Chart filter will get added and the chart will now change according to the specified filters only. No change will happen if filters are changed on the tab out of the specified list of filters applied to the chart.

Chart drill down: This option enables the user to drill down to a selected chart or page after clicking on a certain data point of the chart.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a chart drill down:-

  • Click on Chart Drill down. Two options will appear-

  • Drill down to chart: Select this option to get directed to another chart.
  • Drill down to page: Select this option to get directed to a selected page.
  • Select the desired drill down option. A new pop-up will appear displaying the names of charts or Pages depending upon the drill down option you have selected.

  • Select the desired chart/page from the list.
  • Click on Select to select the chart/page. Click on Cancel to cancel the process.
  • Now when the users will click on any data point of the chart, they will get directed to the specified page/chart they have mentioned in drill down.

Series Selector: Adding Series Selector enables the user to view the scores of a particular series amongst multiple series.

Click on Series Selector. Two options will appear ON & OFF. Select ON if you wish to add a series selector. Click on OFF if you have an already added series selector and want to switch it off. 

A drop-down will get added with all the series as its options. Select the series you wish to view the scores for and click on Apply.

The chart will modify itself accordingly and will now show scores for only the selected series.

Show cross-tab: Click on this option to view the cross-tab of the visible chart.

A pop-up will appear displaying the cross-tab for the chart.

Delete Panel: Click on Delete Panel to delete the whole panel.