Adding/importing analysis is the successive step to creating tabs and panels. Once the panels are created, the analysis that have been created in collections can be imported to Dashboards by following the below mentioned steps:-

  • Click on the panel where you wish to add a chart/table.An option icon appears. Click on the Option Icon. 

  • Four more adjacent icons appear mentioned below:-

  1. Add chart/cross-tabs: Click here to add charts and tables to the panel.
  2. Add text area: Click here to add text area in the panel.
  3. Add hyperlinks: Click here to add hyperlinks for a selected web address in the panel.
  4. Delete: Click here to delete the panel.

  • Click on the Add chart/table icon. 

  • A pop-up will appear listing the names of All the charts and tables you have created in collections.

  • Select the chart/table you wish to embed into the selected panel.
  • Click on Select to add the chart/table or click on Cancel to cancel adding chart/table.
  • The selected chart or table will be added to the selected panel.

  • Repeat the steps to add desired charts or tables to created panel.