Using a saved or an existing definition saves a lot of effort as the user is not required to add a question again and make changes in the property like applying weights, showing and hiding Base, filter etc. 

After saving the axis definition (Click to refer), user can load the saved definition from the properties pop up.

Existing definitions can be loaded in any analysis created in analysis wizard and advanced. 

Example: Suppose user has created an analysis in Advanced and just added a side break. 

Now, if user wants to add an existing definition in the top break, click on properties. This will open the properties window. Because user wants to add the top break to this analysis, select the 'column' tab.

After selecting column tab, click on 'Load'. Click on 'Load' will open a drop down list of showing all the saved definitions.

Select any one and click on load. In this example, 'sample1' is loaded as this definition was created in the previous article i.e. 'saving an axis definition'. 

Clicking on load will add the existing definition (highlighted in red).

Clicking on Set will then add the top break to the table (highlighted in red).