Saving an axis definition allows the user to save the side break or the top break, so that it can be reused in other analysis which uses the same side and top break questions. Saving an axis definition means it will also save all the property changes applied like filter, weight, showing/hiding base and all other properties which had been applied on the top/side break question. 

Saving an axis definition can be done in analyses created via analysis wizard and Advanced cross tab.

Example below shows how to save an axis definition for the analysis created in Advanced cross tab.

Click here to learn about how to create analysis under advanced. After creating the analyses in Advanced click on properties (highlighted in red).

Clicking will open the properties pop up with two tabs:

  • Row.
  • Column.


Row will show the side break variable (highlighted in red) and user can save this side break by clicking on the 'Save' button (highlighted in green).

After clicking on Save, a drop down will open where user needs to give a name to this definition and can click on 'Save' to save the side break with a name.


As explained above for row, user can also save the top break. Click on the column tab in the  properties pop up and follow the same process.