Once you have created your analysis, you can copy, paste and delete them within your Collection. These can be edited from the Edit tab of the Analyze page. 

Copying and Pasting an analysis

First, select the analysis you want to copy. In our example, we will copy NPS.

Click on the 'Edit' tab.

Select 'Copy'.

Now, select the analysis, below which you want to paste the copied analysis (NPS). By default, the copied analysis will be pasted below the last selected one, which in this case is the Recommendation Distribution analysis.

Click on 'Paste' on the 'Edit' menu. As you can see in the screenshot below, NPS gets pasted below the Recommendation Distribution analysis.

The copied analysis will have all the features of the original analysis, including name. So for example if the copied NPS analysis was created via the 'Analysis Wizard', the copied analysis will have all features of the same.

Deleting an analysis

An analysis can be deleted from a Collection in two ways - from the 'Edit' tab on the task-bar or from the 'Delete' option of an individual analysis.

'Edit' tab of Collection

Select the analysis.

Click on the 'Edit' tab.

Select 'Delete'. 

The selected analysis will be deleted.

'Delete' option of each report

Hover on the analysis you want to delete. Two icons for 'Edit' and 'Delete' will appear.

Selecting 'Delete' will delete the crosstab.

Alternatively, open an analysis by clicking on it.

Select 'Delete' on the top right corner of the page (highlighted in red below).