Descriptive Statistical measures across loop iterations are used for questions or sections which run in loops. This can only be run for questions or sections that need to be repeated for different brands or products.

After a Collection is created, click on 'Analysis Wizard'.

Select a looped question.

Click on 'Next Step'.

Select 'Loop Descriptive'.

Click on 'Next Step'.

Select a chart type.

Click on 'Finish'.

If no chart type is selected, only a crosstab will be generated as in the below example.

An analysis with default 'Mean' will be created.


Other statistical measures can be activated by clicking on them on the right corner of the page (highlighted in red below).

As an example, clicking on 'Count' will show the counts.

Clicking on an activated measure (in blue) will de-activate it. It will be removed from the analysis.