Sometimes, based on the answer in the previous question, users might want to jump to some other question instead of going to the next one. This is called skip logic and is used in the Survey Design.

To jump to another question in the survey, click on the question in the left pane on which you want to apply the skip logic.

Click on Flow Item and then click ‘Skip point’.

Jump’ is added after the question.

Clicking on ‘Jump’ in the left pane, will show a blue box in the middle pane. Clicking on the blue box will open the logic builder.

Logic builder (highlighted in red):

Clicking on ‘+’ sign will add the rule to apply the logic. Example: If the user wants to apply a logic in a question that belong to survey (selected in 1st textbox), then Question selected ‘How many Sims you have sold’ (selected in 2nd textbox) then apply the condition ‘selected item is’ (selected in 3rd textbox) then choose the items i.e. 20 (selected in 4th textbox)

Jump (highlighted in green):

It will show the dropdown list of all the destination nodes in a survey.

If selected:

  • Question: The dropdown displayed next to the question will show the list of all the question which are present after the question on which the skip value is applied.
  • Example: If user selected question then the dropdown displayed next to this will display all the questions. Selecting one question will allow the user to jump directly to this question selected if user has selected item/option ‘20’ in question 1 as shown in the above screen.

  • Section: It will show the list of sections and will directly skip to that section.
  • Sequencer: It will directly jump to if there is any sequencer in the questionnaire and will display all the sections of the same.
  • Survey End: If will show the list of all the ‘survey end’ messages and selecting the one will skip to the same.

After selecting one option from the above and click on “Set”.


Clicking on set will apply the skip value logic and the same can be shown in the middle pane after the question it was applied. User can also edit and delete the skip value from the icons (highlighted in red).

To learn more about how to apply the logics please refer the section “Logic Builder for Designer”.