When you need to rate, say a group of questions, or issues, attributes are created for those questions. So quite naturally, attributes are found in the below mentioned question types:

  • Rank based questions.
  • Sort into group questions.
  • Slider questions.
  • All the grid questions.

These attributes can be easily added or deleted for a particular question.

Take Rank question as an example (as in screenshot below):-

Clicking on ‘+’ sign will add the number of attributes and clicking on ‘-‘sign will delete the same.

  • Using the shortcut keys:
  • Click on ‘Enter’ will automatically add the attribute.
  • Press ‘Backspace’ twice will delete the same.

How to edit an attribute?

Clicking on the attribute name will highlight the name and user can simply type or can edit the name.

To learn more about attribute options, click on the settings icons displayed next to the attribute or simply right clicking it will open a pop up displaying all the option properties available. For how each of these properties work, please Refer Section Working with Question Items (Options).