Now that the charts are built in 'Analyze' module, let us build our first dashboard.

A dashboard is a user interface which will organize and present the data in a way that is easy to read.

Follow the below steps to create a dashboard from the Collection.

Step 1 : Click on 'Dashboard', name and 'create' it.

Step 2: Click on 'Edit'. On prompting, name your first tab.

Step 3 : Clicking on the middle of the tab will activate the task-bar. Click on 'Row'.

Step 4 : Click on the top half of the tab. Divide it into 'Column', similar to Step 3. Drag the columns to adjust width.

Step 5 : Follow Steps 3 and 4 to divide the bottom row into 3 columns.

Step 6 : Click on the middle of the first panel. You will be prompted to add Chart, Text Area or image, on clicking the black button.

Step 7 : Click on 'Chart Addition'.

Step 8 : Select the first Chart (NPS) from your CollectionClick on 'Select'. This will add the selected chart in the panel.

All charts can be added to the panel following the above steps.

Adding Filters

To add 'Filters', please follow the below steps:

Step 1 : Click on 'New Filter'.

Step 2 : Click on the variable and select it.

Finally the tab will look like the below:

To add more tabs, click on Tabs, 'New Tab' and repeat the above process. For more details, refer to Creating a Dashboard for the Survey.