Response rates to surveys can be notoriously low, and is one of the most significant problems affecting the validity of the survey results. With the Distribute module, reminders can be sent to complete the pending/open surveys.

Reminder Emails are configured after Invitation Emails to remind the members of the selected Distribution List, that they have a pending survey to be taken.

Step 1 : Select a Campaign, by clicking on the 'Expand' icon.

Step 2 : Click on 'Add Reminder'.

Step 3 : Edit the reminder mail body, especially the yellow highlighted fields. The 'From' field will be empty and disabled if you have not done Email Configuration. If no Email configuration has been done, the invites will be sent from system generated auto-mailers.

Step 4 : Clicking on 'Send Now' will send out the reminders.

For more details, refer to Distribute Surveys via Email