Creating a Survey is one of the frist steps in using the RebusCloud suite. A survey is a questionnaire which can be created either from scratch or by copying from existing surveys and templates. In RebusCloud suite, a survey can be built from scratch or from an existing one. In this article, we will outline the steps to create a survey from scratch.

After successfully logging in, user will land on the Create new surveys page. Click on 'Create a new Survey' to build your first survey.

Click on 'New' to build a survey from scratch. Populate Survey Name, Description and other details. Click on 'Done' to create the survey.

Once a survey is successfully created, it will launch in a new window with the below view. The default question type will be a Basic single choice radio button question. There are also numerous different question types to choose from.

We will build the survey basis the below questionnaire:

Questions can be typed or copy-pasted from external sources. Clicking on the text area of a question, attribute or item will enable the text editing mode.

Question 1

For Q1, click on the default single choice question to edit.

Q1 is a screening question, i.e., if any respondent chooses the first option, the survey must terminate. The logic can be implemented by the following steps:

Step 1 - Click on 'Flow Item' and select 'End Survey'.

Step 2 - A 'Survey End' question will be created. Select 'Completed'.

Step 3 - Repeat the above two steps to create 'Survey End 2'. Select 'Terminated' for this.

Step 4 - Click on top of Q1 in the left panel. Go to 'Flow Item' and select 'Skip Point'.


Step 5 - Step 4 will create a 'Jump', whose logic needs to be set. Click on the below to set the logic :

Step 6 - Click on 'Add Rule'

Step 7 - Select the variable type (Survey), question (Q1) and the selected option ('Less than 3 months ago'). Move to 'Jump', select 'SurveyEnd' and 'Survey End 2' (Terminated). 'Set' the logic.

Question 2

For Q2, click on 'Basic' and choose 'NPS' question type.

Question 3

For Q3, click on 'Basic' and select 'Text', 'Multi Line' question type.

In Q3 we need to set (0-6) rating from Q2, and hide the question for others. The following steps will enable them:

Inserting piped text:

Step 1 : Right click on the part of the question, where piped text needs to be inserted.

Step 2 : Hover on 'Insert Piped Text' and 'Question' fields.

Step 3 : Hover on Q2, 'NPS' and select 'Detractor'. Detractors are the respondents who have rated (0-6) in Q2.

Setting Masking logic

Step 1 : Click on 'Masking' and 'Add Rule'. Q3 will be hidden for the set logic.

Step 2 : Select Q2, NPS,  'Any of the following items were selected', 'Passive' (7-8) and 'Promoters' (9-10). 'Set' the logic.

Q3 will finally look like the below:

Question 4

Q4 again is a text type of question, exactly similar to Q3. Follow the above steps to create Q4 also, along with the same masking logic.

Question 5

Click on Basic and select 'Choose One', 'Radio Button' question type.

Edit the question text.

Question 6

Q6 is a simple grid type of a question. Click on 'Grid' and select 'Simple'.

By default, the grid will have only 1 row (attribute) and column (item). Rows and columns can be added/deleted from the right panel.

Edit the question text, attributes and items :

Question 7

Q7 is another simple grid type of question. Follow the steps of Q6 to create Q7.

Question 8

Q8 is a basic single choice question. Follow the steps of Q5 to create Q8.

Question 9

Q9 is a simple grid type of question. Follow the steps of Q6 to create Q9.

Final Survey

The final survey will look like the below:

For more details, refer to Creating a new survey.