Creating a Survey is one of the first steps in using the RebusCloud suite. A survey is a questionnaire which can be created either from scratch or by copying from existing surveys and templates. For complex surveys, for which there is no similar survey or template to copy from, users will need to create them from scratch. For others where templates exist, users can copy from them so that they do not have to create from scratch.
To create surveys from scratch, refer to Creating a new survey
To copy surveys from existing surveys, refer to Create from existing surveys

To copy surveys from RebusCloud templates, refer to Create from RebusCloud Templates. RebusCloud templates are pre-built and is available for use for all users.
To copy surveys from your own company templates, refer to Create from Company TemplatesCompany Templates are pre-built surveys by your own company.
For a list of the available RebusCode Templates, refer to RebusCode Templates

Note: Only Enterprise users can copy surveys from Company Templates.