This is a successive step to defining data transformation logic. Whether you have chose to do data transformation via Create Bucket Option (Refer Section Transforming data via Create Bucket)  or by Calculate value option (Refer Section Transforming data via Calculate values), you will always have to Execute or Automate your logic. 

Automating Data Transformation Logic

Automating your Logic means that every time you upload your data in specific intervals, the logic will get applied to the uploaded data in future automatically. This does not apply on the existing data you have in your survey. Automating only works for future data uploads.

To automate your data transformation logic, simply click on the check-box present for both create bucket and Calculate value options. An indicator dot will appear next to your create bucket/calculate value name in the left pane showing the the logic is automated.

Now whenever you will upload future data files, the data transformation logic will get applied to the data automatically.

Note: If you wish to Automate your Data transformation logic and also wish to apply it on the existing data at the same time, first Execute your logic by following the steps given in the below section and then select the Automate check-box.

Executing Data Transformation Logic

Executing Your Logic is a one time process. If you choose to only Execute your data transformation logic, it will only be applicable to the existing data currently stored in your survey and will not be applicable to future data uploads.

To execute your data transformation logic, Click on Execute.

A pop-up string will appear informing you that you will get a notification once your execute request is processed.

Click on the Notification icon to view notification.

Once you have received the notification that the request is successful. You can view the data based on your transformation logic under Analyse page of RebusCloud.