Calculated variables are those variables which are created at a later stage by combining the results of the existing variables in the collected data.

For Example: You have collected numeric data for the age of respondents. Now, you wish to group this collected data into age intervals as mentioned below:

  • 12 - 18 yrs
  • 19 - 25 yrs
  • 26 - 35 yrs
  • 36 - 45 yrs
  • 46 - 55 yrs
  • 56 and above

In this scenario you will have to create a calculated variable which will transform the collected numeric data for age in age groups/age intervals mentioned above.

RebusCloud supports the functionality of creating Calculated variables. Follow the below steps to create calculated variables.

  • Go to Advanced Data Management Page.

  • Click on Calculated Variables.

  • A pop-up will appear. Enter calculated variable name and select the variable type. There are 5 variable types available Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Numeric, Text and Date/Time.
  • If the variable type is selected as single choice or multiple choice, a field gets added from where you can add your options.
  • Click on Add Option.

  • Enter analysis label or the age you can say option text. In this case we are considering enter age group 12 - 18.

  • Factor will be shown automatically which you can edit if required. 
  • Enter Calculated variable name in the Mapping Question field if your calculate variable is present in the uploaded data file.
  • Enter mapped option code, if the option is present in the data file you have uploaded or will upload in near future. 
  • Click on Add Option again to add as many options as you want.

  • Click on Save Changes
  • Click on Add Q to add another calculated variable.
  • The calculated variable will get created and will be visible in the left box present in the pop-up.