Project users are the invited people with whom you have shared your project or the created survey. Each of these invited users can build their own dashboard for the respective survey.

All the users having access to the project can share their created dashboards across the specific set of project users with both viewing and editing rights.

Click on Sharing Tab in your dashboard home and click on Share.

A pop-up appears which provides the user with two options:-

  • Share With: This option contains two fields. One, for selecting people/groups having only viewing rights and another for selecting people/groups having editing rights.
  • Don’t Share With: Selecting people/groups within this field will not be able to view the created dashboard, no matter even if they are a part of any “Share With” group. 

  • After entering all the fields the user can click on Set button to start sharing or can click on Cancel to exit sharing window.

The dashboard will get shared with the users as per the permissions specified.

Note: The dashboard can be shared only with the invited users to the project from here. To share the dashboard with guest users or those are not the part of project you will have to add guest users. Refer section Adding guest Users to Dashboard for more details.