Filters can be of different kinds depending upon the nature of the projects. Many times we need to group filters or allot them a hierarchical order and specify whether they are single-select or multi-select.

The Settings option in the Filter Tab of dashboard builder allows the user to customise filters.

Follow the below mentioned steps to specify the filter type:-

  • Click on Setting. A new pop-up will appear.

  • The pop-up contains the list of the applied filters on the tab at the left side and the options that can be defined on these filters on the right side.

  • The filters can be re-positioned and deleted from the respective icons present adjacent to their names.
  • Select the filter from the list and click on Multi value/single value option to define the nature of the selected filter.
  • Click on Set to apply settings. The selected filter will get modified accordingly.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create groups in filters:-

  • Click on Create Group

  • New group will get added on the left side of the pop-up. Click on Edit icon to edit the name of this group.

  • Drag and drop required filters from the list of available filters into the field of New group. The dragged filters will get grouped in the created group.
  • Check/uncheck the box for Make group hierarchical to define hierarchy in the created group. Once the hierarchy is created, the user can only select filters when they start selecting the filters hierarchically i.e. the second filter in the group cannot be selected before the first filter is selected.

The filters will be visible in groups in the your tab. Repeat the steps to create groups and subgroups.

Each filter of the tab consists three options against it, they are:-

  • Delete: Click on Delete to delete the filter.
  • Show: Click here to show the hidden filters.
  • Hide: Click here to hide the filters for other users. These will be visible to you in a disabled form but the users will not be able to see it.

Pin/Unpin Filter

Click on Unpin option to hide the filter panel. The panel will collapse to a filter icon and will only appear when the cursor points the Pinned Filter icon.

Click on Pin to undo the Unpin action.