All the analysis(charts/grids) are created under tabs of the dashboards. 

Users can add as many tabs as they wish in their dashboard, all having different analysis. Creating the first tab is the initial step to start working with dashboards. 

To start working with your dashboards and add your first tab, select the created dashboard in the dashboard home page and click on Edit.

An add tab pop-up will appear. Enter the name of the tab and click on OK

The tab will get added in your dashboard where you can add your analysis. When the tab is created, the user gets directed to a new screen that contains the tools for building dashboards i.e. Dashboard Builder.

You can add subsequent tabs in your dashboard at a later stage (Refer section Adding subsequent tabs to your dashboards).

Note: The first tab gets created under the Homepage that is by default present. The hierarchy followed in dashboards is Dashboard >Pages > Tabs > Analysis.

Refer section Creating Pages and Nested Pages for more information about pages in dashboard.