After creating charts from a table (Click to refer) user can always select the different chart types available to view his analysis.

'Chart tab' is opened automatically after switching from 'grid view' to 'chart view' in the analysis screen. 

This tab contains all the kinds of chart types along with its properties. To change the chart type user can click on 'Chart'.


Clicking on chart will open a drop down showing the list of all the chart types available. Different forms of chart amongst Line charts, Bar charts, scatter plots, Pie charts and Gauge can be selected to display the analysis.

As an example if user wants to change the column chart to a line chart then he can click on 'Line' and can select Line chart (as highlighted).

Selecting Line chart will change the chart view to the Line chart.

Chart types that are available are listed below for easy reference:

1. Line chart type:

  • Line chart
  • Area Chart.

2. Bar Chart type:

  • Column Chart
  • Bar chart
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Stacked column chart
  • Full stacked bar chart
  • Full stacked column chart
  • Stock chart
  • Merimekko chart
  • Step Chart

3. Scatter chart type:

  • Scatter chart
  • Bubble chart

4. Pie chart types:

  • Pie chart
  • Donut chart
  • Flower chart

5. Guage chart types:

  • Arc chart
  • Full guage chart

Note: If a certain chart type from the list above does not support the analysis then that particular chart type is disabled for that analysis.