If you want to see a top 2 box percentage in multiple analysis, there is no need to combine the items separately in each analysis. Instead, you can use the 'Quick list' functionality that allows you to just save the combination once and then reuse this saved list in multiple analysis.

To create a Quick List, click on the Properties in Home tab (Analyse - Cross tabulation).

Clicking will open the properties pop up. Choose Column tab if you want to combine the items in columns and create a quick list, else choose Row.

Click on the variable in the left section.All its items will be displayed in the right section.

Notice now that the Quick List  icon gets enabled. Clicking on the Quick List will open a drop down showing 'Saved Lists' and 'New Lists'.

Because we haven't created any lists so the saved list is empty. First let's click on 'New Lists' to create a Quick List. 

New Lists:

Click will open a dialog box:

  • Name: User needs to give a name of the new combination. 
  • Code: User need to enter the code of items he wants to combine. Example: Type '1,2' to combine the items having code 1 and 2. The codes should be separated by a comma.

Let's create a new combination by the name 'Top 2' by combining 'very satisfactory and satisfactory' . Clicking on Save will save this as a Quick List.

Saved Lists:

Now, we will use the saved quick list in the analysis.  Click on Quick List and choose 'Saved Lists'. 

Clicking on it will open the list of all the saved ones.As mentioned above, we created a new list by the name 'Top 2' so the same will be show here as the saved list.

Clicking on 'Top2' will show the items that are combined.

Click on Set will create the analysis and will show the combined variable Top 2 (highlighted in red).

User can use this saved quick list 'Top2' in multiple analysis and there is no need to combine the items separately.