This article shows how to include or exclude the sample/base of an item in an analysis.

To include or exclude an item from base, click on properties (highlighted in red).

A pop-up will appear. Select row tab if you wish to include/exclude row items or select column tab if you wish to include/exclude column items from base.

Click on the variable (highlighted in red) will open a list of all the items (highlighted in green) that are available under this variable.

Select the item you wish to exclude from the base. Selecting will open its properties where user can uncheck the option 'Include in Base'.

Once unchecked, the indicator dot will disappear. 

The item 'Dominos' will now get hidden along with its base in the cross-tab and will not be visible any more. The base numbers highlighted below does not show the count of item 'Dominos'.

To include the base of this item again, user can again go to the properties, select the item and simply tick on option include in base.