Apart from applying weights on whole analysis, users can apply weights on particular variables preset in the analysis. This is helpful when you wish to do weighted analysis on selected variables when multiple variables are present in your side break. 

To apply weight to your axis variables or side break, click on Properties.

A pop-up will appear. Row tab will show all the variables/questions added in your side break. Select particular variable(s) on which you wish to apply weight and click on Weighting.

Another pop-up will appear displaying all the numeric type questions in your survey. Choose the required Weight question you wish to apply to your analysis and click on Select.

The weight will get applied to your selected variable and an indicator dot will appear in the weight column in the properties window for that particular variable. Click on Set to apply weights and view results in analysis. The variable on which weights have been applied will now show weighted results. 

Users can switch the weight ON/OFF by clicking on the weight toggle in the properties and clicking on Set.

Note: Once weight is applied, users can also remove weight by clicking on Remove Weighting.