When the user creates an analysis through Analysis wizard or Advanced analysis, Base column is the default column that appears in the created cross-tab analysis.

Users can choose to hide the Base via Properties of the cross-tab. Click on Properties for the cross-tab in which you wish to hide the base.

A pop-up will appear. Select the question/variable for which you wish to hide base. You will see two Base toggles which you can click to view/hide the Base in your cross-tab.

Click on the bigger Base toggle to hide base only for the selected row variable. The smaller base toggle will hide base for all the row variables if you have multiple side breaks in your analysis.

Note: The properties window has two tabs Row and Column. If Base is your row measure, you have to hide it from the Row tab and if Base is your column measure, you have to hide it by going on the Column tab. In the scenario mentioned here, Base is a row measure.

Click on any of the base toggles to hide your base according to your requirement. The base indicator dot will go away.

Now click on Set. The base will be removed from your cross-tab.

To include your base again in the cross-tab, follow the same steps.