In case users have added multiple side break or top-break variables in their analysis, they can choose to show/hide particular variable(s) in their analysis.

To Show/Hide your variables, click on Properties.

A pop-up will appear. Select row tab if you wish to show/hide row variables or select column tab if you wish to hide column variables. 

Select the variable you wish to hide and click on Hide

The indicator dot for display will disappear. Click on Set to apply your hide property.

The variable will now get hidden in the cross-tab and will not be visible any more.

To show your variable again, go to Properties, select the variable, click on Show and click on Set

You can hide all the variables at once by clicking on the Display toggle in the properties.

Note: if you choose to hide all the row variables, the cross-tab will disappear because row variables are mandatory to be present to have a cross-tab.