Once your analysis is created, you can organise it any way you like using some cool features like Star, Pin and Unpin. Pinning your analysis helps you to quickly go back to refer to that analysis, instead of having to search for it. Once pinned, you can unpin it as well. You can also Star your favourite analysis so that you can refer to it as often as you like. Plus they work as a filter, showing just those analysis that are starred or pinned. It helps when there is a huge list of analysis created in the collections to quickly refer the important ones.

There is a small difference between pin and star.

Once the user has starred the analysis, he can come back anytime to view the starred ones.

But Pinned analysis remains for a session and once the user logs out, the pinned ones will be removed. The idea is that if a user is working on an analysis but wants to check something else then he can pin that to quickly come back and refer it again from a big list of analysis created.

Pinned analysis:

User can Pin the analysis on the home screen. On hover, the pin icon is displayed (highlighted in red).

Clicking on the Pin icon, will pin the analysis and the pin icon will be highlighted.

After pinning the analysis, there is a number displayed next to 'Pinned' showing the count of analysis that are pinned.

Clicking on Pinned will just show the pinned ones in the middle section.

Unpin Analysis:

Unpin can be done by clicking on the 'pin' icon which will then remove the icon and clicking on 'Clear' will also unpin the analysis.


User can star the analysis on the home screen. On hover, the star icon is displayed (highlighted in red).

Clicking on the icon, will star the analysis and the star icon (highlighted in red) will be highlighted.

Clicking on Star will add the analysis in the Starred and clicking on starred will open all the starred analysis.