Descriptive Statistics by Attribute is also known as Grid Analysis Descriptive Statistics and this type of analysis is used to analyse grid questions like simple and complex grids to view the mean scores 

When you use a likart scale (like/dislike, satisfy/dissatisfy etc.) or numbers in a grid question, it usually is better to compare the mean scores across attributes and this can be done by Grid Analysis Descriptive Statistics type of analysis.

To create your Grid Analysis Descriptive Statistics analysis, in the Analysis wizard select grid type question and click on Next.

Note: For complex grid questions, the entire question cannot be selected. First click on the drop-down icon located adjacent to the complex grid question. The groups will appear for that complex grid. Select the group and then click on Next to move to the next step.

Now select the analysis type - Grid Analysis Descriptive Statistics and click on Next

You will be directed to different viewing options based on your selected Analysis type. Select view as grid (No Chart) or any other chart type and click on Finish.

Your analysis will be created and will look as below. The available measures for this analysis are Count, Mean, Median, Mode, Upper and Lower Quartile.