Distribution type of analysis is used when the analysis contains categorical questions like single choice and multi choice, when the comparison has to be made between the responses of a particular question.

To create your Distribution analysis, select question(s) in your Analysis Wizard. You can select either one or two single-choice/multi-choice questions as the wizard supports choosing only two questions. Now, Click on Next.

Note: The first question you select becomes your side break and the second question becomes the top-break once the analysis gets created.

You will be directed to Next step which is choosing the analysis. Select Distribution as your analysis type and click on Next.

Choose any of the representation type for your analysis. It may be grid (No Chart) or any of the given chart types and click on Finish.

Your Distribution analysis will get created accordingly as below.

Users can apply various measures like Column%, Row%, Count and Total% available in the Distribution analysis type to view their analysis.