Users can hide/mask their options/items for category questions like Single Choice and Multi-Choice based on a certain logic. This can be done by specifying a Display Logic to the option from the option settings.

Let us consider a scenario of a pizza survey for some leading brand. You have the below two questions in the survey:-

Q2 What best suits your eating habits?

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-vegetarian

Q3 Which is your favorite pizza topping?

  • Paneer
  • Capsicum
  • Golden corn
  • Barbecue
  • Pepperoni
  • Bacon

Now, considering the above questions, you wish to hide all the non-veg. toppings listed in Q3 based on the respondents who answered "vegetarian" in Q2.

This can be done by specifying Display/Masking Logic for options. Follow the below steps to apply Display Logic:-

  • ·Click on Option Setting icon.

  • From the appeared list, Click on Display Logic.

  • An Option Masking pop-up will appear. The Left side of the pop-up displays all the options/items of the question. You can click to choose the option/item on which you want to apply the Display Logic.

  • Middle pane is where you specify or build your logic. Click on "+" sign to add rules. (Refer Section Logic Builder for Designer). 

           In this scenario, the logic will be as follows: If in Q2 (What best describes your eating habits?), selected option is “Vegetarian”, then hide the option “Barbecue” in Q3 (Which is your favourite pizza topping).

  • Once you have specified your Display Logic, Click on Set to apply the logic. 
  • The logic will get applied and an icon will appear against the Masked Option(option on which the display/hide logic has been applied). 

The option on which Display logic has been applied will look as given in below image, on the Design page:-

Copying Option Masking Logic from one Option to other Options

Once you have applied Masking/hiding logic to one option of a question and if you want to apply the same logic to other options of the same question as well, you can simple copy/paste the same logic on other questions.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Copy-Paste the logic:-

  • Click to select the option on which the logic is applied and click on Copy.

  • Now, select the option/item on which you wish to apply the same logic from the left side of the Option masking pop-up and click on Paste.

  • The logic will get pasted to the selected option and will be displayed in the middle pane.

  • Now click on Set.
  • An icon will be displayed next to the selected item which denotes that the logic has been applied.

  • This can also be verified from the Design page itself. The masked option appears as given in below image.

Repeat the same steps to Copy/Paste the same logic on multiple option/items of the same question as required.

Removing and Editing Display Logic/option Masking Logic 

Users can Edit and Remove the Display logic from the Option setting List. Edit and Remove option appear for option on which you have applied a certain logic and now you wish to Edit or Remove it. 

  • Click on Option Settings icon.

  • In the appeared setting you will be able to access the Remove logic and Edit Logic options. 

Choose any of the options based on your requirement.