To order the attributes of a question in a survey, go to ‘Sequencer’ which can be accessed in the question properties.

Sequencer can be found wherever applicable in every type of questions available.

Sequencer (bordered in red) will help the user to manage the order in which attributes are shown.

There are three options displayed:

In order: Selecting this will display the attributes in the order of how they are created.

In random Order: Selecting this will display all the attributes in that question in a random order. If there are three attributes created in an order say ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ then selecting  option in random order will display these randomly at the time of Live survey but same as an example can be seen in the preview as shown in the below screenshot.

Pick N in random order:  Selecting this will allow the user to select ‘n’ number of attributes out of the attributes that are already created and then this feature will randomly pick same ‘n’ number entered by the user to display the attributes. Example: If there are three attributes as good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ then if user selects ‘2’ then out of total three attributes, any two will be picked randomly and displayed. Below is the preview screenshot after selecting ‘2’.