Fieldwork section allows the user to do field monitoring by checking the user wise count of how many surveys are done by the users and if those surveys are reviewed or rejected.

Users can access 'Fieldwork' by clicking on the Fieldwork icon shown at the top of the page (Circled in Red).

After clicking on the Fieldwork icon, a pop up showing a grid will appear displaying the following columns/sections:

  1. Time Period: Time period is displayed at the top corner where user can select a month along with the year. Selecting this will update the data in the grid for the time period selected.
  2. Username: It shows the username of the surveyor who has done the survey.
  3. Pattern: It is a month pattern showing when the surveys were synced in last 30 days.
  4. Total Surveys: It will show the sum of total number of surveys collected by the user. 
  5. Reviewed: It will show the count of survey's which were reviewed in the time period selected.
  6. Not Reviewed:It will show the count of survey's not reviewed in the time period selected.
  7. Rejected: It will show the count of survey's rejected in the time period selected.

Info: There is a Hyperlink on Total Surveys, Reviewed, Not Reviewed & Rejected.

Clicking on the Hyperlink will open a pop up showing further details of the particular survey record depending on which hyperlink user has selected. Screenshot below shows the example where user has clicked on 'Reviewed':

  • Interview Start Time.
  • Interview Start Time.
  • Interview Duration.
  • Sequence.

For example: If a user has reviewed 4 surveys then clicking on 4 in the grid under 'Reviewed' will open a pop up showing the above details of all the 4 surveys he has reviewed. Same will work for other criterias.

This page also shows a map giving the location of where the survey was collected. A pin will be plotted on the map showing the survey's location. Clicking on the pin will open a small text box displaying the sequence/ID of the survey.

Info: User can also change the time period directly from this page. There is no need for the user to go back in the grid to change the Time period but can change here directly.