Users have the option to choose which data fields they would like to see. To select specific columns, click on the Column Selector icon (circled in red). 


This will open a pop up where user can easily select which columns he wants to see in the grid. The left section of the pop-up contains all the data variables and the right section is where user moves the variables to be displayed in the grid.

The left section shows:

Survey/Data Tree variables into four parts:

Survey Sample System Calculated 

1. Survey

This section shows all the variables which are created as questions while creating the survey in the Designer section.

  • User can choose multiple variables and click on 'Move' which will then move those selected variables towards the right section. 
  • Click on 'Clear All' will remove all the variables which were already moved by the user to the right section.
  • Click on 'Save' will show data of all the variables in the grid which are moved to the right section.
  • Click on 'Cancel' will close the column selector pop-up.

Info: User can choose multiple variables to move at once by using Shift+arrow down key.

2. Sample

This section shows the sample variables containing respondents information like Email, Phone, Name, Location etc. to whom the survey has been sent for data collection. These variables are created in the Distribution section while creating a distribution list.

3. System

This section shows the list of automatic system generated variables while the data is collected. These variables are created in DTS (Data Transformation service).

4. Calculated Variables

This section contains the list of all the calculated variables if any while collecting the data or uploading a data file. User can then choose these to display in the grid.

After selecting all the columns user can then click on "DONE" after which the selected columns will be displayed in the Monitor grid.