Once a survey is distributed and data is collected, users need a way to track and monitor the responses. The Monitor module allows users to view or preview the data collected for the project. It displays all the responses collected in a tabular/grid view.
The user can closely monitor the data collected by checking the ‘Total Completes’ along with choosing which responses he wants to see in a particular Time Period.

Monitor also helps users to:

  1. Check only required data fields depending on the user needs and not all the data displayed in the grid. This feature is supported by the functionality available known as “Column Selector”.
  2. Review and validate the responses. User is allowed to change the response in a preview mode, which can then be accepted or rejected. 
  3. Delete the unwanted data along with the feature to delete a single record or delete all records at once.
  4. Search for data 
  5. Download data and export it out in CSV format.
Apart from all the features mentioned above, Rebuscloud also provides a Builder Logic tool which acts as a filter where user can filter the data on four types of variables, Survey, Sample, System and Calculated.