Once a survey is created, it needs to be distributed for data collection, via the Distribution module.
The Distribution module allows users to Activate their surveys (Refer to Activating your Survey or making it  Live) and start distributing it.
Surveys can either be distributed anonymously by inserting the Survey link on any website. (Refer Section Putting a Survey Link on a Website)ORthrough samples creating Campaigns. Campaigns are basically a medium to distribute your survey and their type can differ based on the medium you choose for survey distribution.
RebusCloud supports three types of campaigns and each campaign serves a special purpose. There can be three ways users might want to distribute their survey as below:-Once the Campaign is created users can manage them and know the Campaign success rate and can even choose to Stop the campaign if the purpose is fulfilled. (Refer Section Managing Campaigns) Users can also Deactivate their survey for some period of time and re-activate it again at a later stage if they wish to not capture any Survey Data. OR there can be other reasons users might want to Deactivate their survey permanently.  (Refer Section Deactivating a Survey)