Some companies can have their own pre-defined surveys like NPS, or Brand Track etc. Some users can use these company templates to create such surveys, instead of creating it from scratch.

Tip: To know more about Company Templates, go to Templates.

Clicking on the “Use <CompanyName> templates”, in the "Create a new Survey" page, brings up a list of the user’s subscription templates as shown in the screen below. It should be noted that in case no such templates have been created, nothing will show up. These templates have been created by the enterprise user who is also a template admin.

To create a survey from one of the above templates, click on any one of the template, the survey template should show up in the right pane.

Select the survey template. You will notice all the viewing rights associated with this template. For example Survey Preview and Dashboard Preview can be accessed when using this template to create your survey. These rights are set during the time of creation of the template. It also shows which modules are included in this template as well as the cost associated with its usage.

Select the template survey and click on Next. The Survey properties pop up box will come up. Fill up the required fields and click on Done. The Project gets created with the name provided and shows up under My Surveys.