In one word (okay ten!), RebusCloud is an online solution to handle all your research needs. It allows you to understand your customer experience, measure employee satisfaction and do market research studies like Mystery Shopping, Products Tests or Ad Studies.

Whether you are a small restaurant looking to understand what your customers think of your new menu or you are a multi-million dollar telecom company wanting to measure your customers’ call center experience or if you are a research company handling hundreds of demanding customers, RebusCloud is a one-stop solution to address all your needs.

RebusCloud combines breadth and depth with ease of use. This means that you can do a lot of things with it without being overwhelmed by the feature set. This makes it useful for both the casual user as well as the power user.

RebusCloud is also very flexible. For example, if you have a favorite data collection tool and only want to use RebusCloud for analyzing and visualizing your data, that’s fine – you can upload existing datasets to RebusCloud. On the other hand if you want to use it only for data collection and export all the data out for reporting using another tool, that is also fine and easy to do.

RebusCloud has been design ground up to be open. This means that you are not locked into our product and it also means that it plays well with your existing systems. RebusCloud has a set of easy APIs allowing you to integrate other tools and processes and to push, pull data in and out of the system.

But more than anything else, probably the most important thing in RebusCloud is the amount of help and support which is available. We are always available to answer your questions and provide advice whether through email, phone or chat. Of course, there is a lot of documentation and videos also available for self-help.