Creating a survey from scratch is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Once you have successfully logged in to the Consort suite, you will arrive at the  Create new surveys  page.   To create a survey from scratch, click on  the Create a new survey icon. The Create a new Survey page allows you to create your survey either from scratch or from an existing survey. In this case, select New and then select Blank Survey. Click on the Next button.You will be directed to a form to fill in your Survey details. The details are described below:-

  • Survey Name –   Name of the Survey
  • Survey   Description -   This describes what kind of survey being done
  • Survey Tags   –   For ease of searching
  • Survey Country -   Country/countries where the survey will be done
  • Use Benchmarks –   If the survey needs to be benchmarked, this option could be selected
  • Industry -   What kind of industry the survey caters to like Research, FMCG, News etc
  • Company Size –   Small or big sized company   

Post filling up the details, click Done and your very first survey is created! The survey shows up under the My Surveys section, along with the subscription it is created in.

Tip: Enter your company size and industry for proper benchmarking